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Quick Draw! Fast and Funny Fiction

From poems to micro and flash fiction, some of the biggest names in fiction provide short tales designed to fracture your funny bone.

Read my story, Mimic.

Seattle Paranormal Police Department, with John P. Logsdon

Half fae. Half mage. All trouble. Savannah Sage always wanted to be a cop in the Paranormal Police Department. As a half fae, she has plenty to prove. Being placed in charge of the department’s rejects wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

ERIS: Warped Comedy Bundle #2

ERIS: Warped Comedy Bundle #2

ERIS: Warped Comedy Bundle #2


book5An author, journeyman technomage, business owner (hail to the King, baby), and former driver of your neighborhood ice cream truck, Eric hails from the Pacific Northwest where he continues to enjoy life in a quiet community near Seattle. When not writing, Eric enjoys reading a variety of genres from superheroes to detective fiction, playing Magic The Gathering with his nephew, Dungeons and Dragons with the older crowd, and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey with his girlfriend (because he has to).


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