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ERIS #1: It’s a bad day at the office when Joss and Leslie are tasked with finding out who has been stealing magical artifacts from the company vault. Being guilty, it’s up to them to find a patsy before the boss calls in an Inquisitor. But they aren’t the only ones who’ve been stealing, and everyone seems to have enough dirt on Joss to point the blame squarely on him!

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ERIS #2: A prominent businessman asks for Joss by name. But soon Joss finds himself a victim of revenge as the pocket faeries teach him a lesson that could change Joss forever unless Leslie and Brock can save Joss in time.

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ERIS #3: Wagner Van Helsing thought his turn as the ERIS accountant was a temporary fix, a chance to step away from the family name, until Joss and the rest of the ERIS staff found his weakness. Desperate to escape their control, Wagner puts his hopes on Carlos, joining in a scheme that could make them billionaires, or land Wagner in jail for the rest of his life.
Meanwhile, Joss and Leslie let their competitive spirit get in the way as they track down a supernatural courier carrying an apocalyptic weapon

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ERIS #1-6: Demons, guns, and cubicles. Read the hilarious, absurd adventures of the demon hunters and staff of ERIS as they protect humanity from things that go bump in the night, sabotaging and betraying each other along the way.
A warped sense of humor is required to read this book, which contains adult themes, situations, and nonsense. Also, not intended for children!

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book5An author, journeyman technomage, business owner (hail to the King, baby), and former driver of your neighborhood ice cream truck, Eric hails from the Pacific Northwest where he continues to enjoy life in a quiet community near Seattle. When not writing, Eric enjoys reading a variety of genres from superheroes to detective fiction, playing Magic The Gathering with his nephew, Dungeons and Dragons with the older crowd, and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey with his girlfriend (because he has to).


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