Welcome. Come in! So glad you stopped by. Let me show you my new website.

“What happened to your old content?” you ask.

Ah. Excellent question, my dear reader. I have too many stories to write, a business to run, classes to attend, guinea pigs to raise… you know how it is. I would love to blog, but for the time being, blogging will just have to take a back seat to storytelling.

“So I should visit your website because…”

You should sign up to receive alerts on my new releases. I will never sell my mailing list, and I promise never to spam you, unless I get stuck in Nigeria without a phone, a passport, and access to my bank account.

If you’re looking for more social interaction with me, you should check out my Facebook page. If you like to receive the occasional joke, may I suggest my twitter feed? You can also email me, though there is usually some lag in my response time. Links for all of these options are provided in the menu bar to the right of this column.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my books and visit my website! Although my updates here are infrequent, I am always writing.


Eric Quinn Knowles

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