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Tired Of Demon Hunters Who Always Win? Send In The Clowns!
Read the first three hilarious adventures of the demon hunters and staff of ERIS as they protect humanity from things that go bump in the night, sabotaging and betraying each other along the way. In this first ERIS trilogy, laugh along as the ERIS team steals the company blind, sacrifices one of its own, suffers the wrath of the pocket Fae, corners the market for unicorn steaks, destroys half the city, and brings humanity one step closer to the apocalypse. 
Contains: The Patsy, Pocket Vengeance, and Cooking with Carlos

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In the second trilogy of comedy adventures, the ERIS team conquers the pretend kingdom of Penlaninaninon, teaches a lesson to one of their own, and unwittingly helps a werewolf bring down the U.S. government. Contains: House Wolves, The Farm, and Garkon (an ERIS novella).

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Get Books 1-3 of the Reynald Tales in one bundle, saving over 50%!

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ERIS (Warped Comedy Adventures)

Read the hilarious adventures of the demon hunters and staff of ERIS as they protect humanity from things that go bump in the night, sabotaging and betraying each other along the way. ERIS Short Reads are bite-sized comedy snacks!

It’s a bad day at the office when Joss and Leslie are tasked with finding out who has been stealing magical artifacts from the company vault. Being guilty, it’s up to them to find a patsy before the boss calls in an Inquisitor. But they aren’t the only ones who’ve been stealing, and everyone seems to have enough dirt on Joss to point the blame squarely on him!

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Never mess with the pocket Fae. Joss Huntsman did, and he’s paying the price.

A prominent businessman asks for Joss Huntsman by name. Soon, Joss finds himself a victim of revenge as the pocket faeries teach him a lesson that could change Joss forever unless Leslie and Brock can save Joss in time.

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What’s more valuable than the last unicorn? Unicorn steaks.

Wagner Van Helsing joins Carlos in a business venture that could make them billionaires, or land Wagner in jail for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, Joss and Leslie let their competitive spirit get in the way as they track down a supernatural courier carrying an apocalyptic weapon

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A bad moon is rising in the White House, and time is running out. Can Joss Huntsman save the President and his family?

Joss Huntsman battles a new partner and an old flame in his quest to uncover a werewolf lurking among the president’s staff.

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In the ERIS cubicle farm, nobody can hear you scream (they can, they just don’t care).

Brice works against the clock to raise his stature in ERIS, while the rest of the cubicle farm does their best to get in his way. Meanwhile, Joss Huntsman discovers the joys of having a demon for a roommate.

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An ERIS Novella!

LARPing, the most dangerous game!

Joss, Leslie, and the rest of the ERIS staff join a LARPing event to prevent a massacre, while Brice finally takes his revenge upon Joss.

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Reynald Tales 

Dark, paranormal fantasy with vampires, cheerleaders, and a trio of young detectives.

Reynald Tales #1

A new town, a new high school. Jared hopes to leave his troubled past behind. But when an alluring vampire cheerleader draws him into her quest to find the mythical Ring of Destiny, Jared discovers he has put himself and his father in danger. He enlists the aid of a pair of supernatural detectives to stop her, but it seems one of the detectives has his own designs for the Ring of Destiny. Trapped between both sides, Jared will have to play a dangerous game to save himself, his family, and the entire town of Reynald.

And there are others searching for the ring as well. The Magi are coming, and when the Magi arrive, Reynald will never be the same.

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Reynald Tales #2

Sheridan captured Maloch to prove that the gren are more than a myth, but now Maloch is bound to him until either Sheridan dies or the creature grants him three wishes. But wishes are dangerous, and Maloch is intent on causing Sheridan as much pain as possible. Sheridan’s life, and the lives of his friends, hang on a game of wits while Maloch meddles with the citizens of Reynald, trading wishes for favors until he finds someone desperate enough to kill Sheridan.

After a wish brings her back to life, Tina is determined to break out of her shell. She sets her sights on Jared, the boy of her dreams, but Tina has just one problem that stands in her way—she craves living flesh. Without it, Tina soon finds herself devolving into a mindless zombie. Determined to build the life of her dreams, Tina must learn to kill without being caught, or become a zombie forever.

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Reynald Tales #3

Charlotte, Sheridan, and Jared protect an author who comes to Reynald to write an expose that the Reynald Society will do anything to stop. The trio must work together to keep the author safe even as a mysterious stranger drives the friends apart. As Charlotte falls for the stranger, Sheridan must race to uncover a forgotten secret that may change their relationship forever.

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book5An author, journeyman technomage, business owner (hail to the King, baby), and former driver of your neighborhood ice cream truck, Eric hails from the Pacific Northwest where he continues to enjoy life in a quiet community near Seattle. When not writing, Eric enjoys reading a variety of genres from superheroes to detective fiction, playing Magic The Gathering with his nephew, Dungeons and Dragons with the older crowd, and watching Real Housewives of New Jersey with his girlfriend (because he has to).


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